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Travel & Hospitality Award 2019 Achievement

We were distinguished by the Travel and Hospitality Awards as the best charter company in Lisbon. It is an honor to win this award! Our boat trips are unique and truly unmissable. It’s great to have this public recognition! Thank you all for your preference.

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Hospitality Award 2019: The best Charter company in Lisbon

This was the decision of the jury of this European competition. Based on a set of criteria, which included service quality, customer satisfaction, innovation and customer orientation, we were distinguished with this important hospitality award. We are honored by the recognition made by the Travel and Hospitality Awards.

We provide the best tours in Lisbon

And of course that’s important in terms of Lisbon Sight Sailing’s reputation. In fact, the experiences we develop are already considered as the best tours in Lisbon. Many of our clients assume that this is an unforgettable tour in Lisbon. And being in the top 10 of the best things to do in Lisbon is something truly unique.

In fact, the positioning of Lisbon Sight Sailing has always required differentiated and high quality services.

The unforgettable tour in Lisbon. Our solutions:

To remember, the solutions we offer includes a set of experiences that can be booked online. They are: Lisbon Sight Sail, Sunset Sail and Party & Sail. In addition to these options, we also have business-oriented offers (for example: onboard meetings, team building events, promotional events, etc.) and, of course, we develop tailored solutions to our customers’ dreams. Just needed to share them with us!

Recently, in 2018, we created the Unique Experience Collection. It is a set of experiences carried out on luxury sailboats – with every comfort, space and a premium service – with different durations and routes. In common they have the high quality of service that characterizes us, the glamour and a total satisfaction guarantee. Learn more about each one of them here: Lisbon’s Soul, Sea Breeze and Atlantic Voyage.

TripAdvisor also agrees…

It’s a fact. For the third consecutive year, since 2016, we have received the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. This is the public recognition, obtained through our customers evaluations, in the largest travel site in the world. According to the comments of those who have tried it, we even do the best tours in Lisbon!

Also this year of 2019 we are focused on our work, in order to maintain the satisfaction of our customers and keep this Hospitality award.

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