Safety & Equipment

Always ready

Safety rules are strictly respected. Safety procedures are explained by the crew before the start of each journey.

Chicas ensayando una coreografía en el agua

The boats are equipped with life-saving appliances, radio equipment, first aid kit and miscellaneous equipment in accordance with the legislation in force. Regardless of the precautions taken by us, passengers and crew are protected by liability insurance and personal injury.

Miscellaneous equipment

• Bilge pump

• 1 kg Powder extinguishers

• 2 kg Powder extinguishers

• Magnetic compass of Government

• Azimuth check device

• Updated Navigation Charts

• Radar reflector

• Horn, Bell, etc.

• Stern Anchors / Anchors

• Mooring and towing cables

• Rounded tip razor

• Watertight flashlight and a set of batteries

• Spare bulb and a set of batteries

• Heliógrafo

• Access ladder

• Pharmacy

Radio equipment

• VHF (Radio contact) + Digital Selective Calling

• Backup power source (above 15 mts)

Rescue equipment

• Pneumatic raft or inflatable raft

• Lifebuoys

• Life-jackets (adult and child)

• Parachute distress signals

• Hand held flares distress signals

• Smoke distress signals

• Harnesses

First aid

• Band-aids – box of 20

• Cotton wool – package of 25 gr.

• Sterilized gauzes of 10 cm X 10 cm – 12 units

• Anti-septic ointment

• Analgesic and antipyretic – 20 pills

• Seasickness pills – 20 pills

• Finger Cots

• Folded gauze or gauze of 7 cm X 4 m, with a safety pin

• Folded gauze or gauze of 15 cm X 4 m, with a safety pin

• Oxygenated water – 250 cm

We are prepared and confident that everything will go well. And you?

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