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About Us

People who love what they do. And what do we do?

We do the best sailing tours in the Tagus River. We provide each of our clients a unique experience of sailing and discovering Lisbon from a different perspective.

How we work?

It never feels like a day’s work because we have so much fun doing what we do. In a collaborative and relaxed environment. With passion and genuine involvement. With responsibility and professionalism. Quality of service-oriented. In a simple and innovative way. Focused on creating value for our customers and partners. Always thinking of you.

Our captains

The qualified and experienced skippers who are part of the Lisbon Sight Sailing team, are genuinely friendly and focused on the well-being and safety of our customers. They are originally from Lisbon, thus, ensuring the delivery of a local flavour and are truly passionate about our city and the charms of the Tagus.
Man at the helm


David teaches languages and music. He loves to meet people from other countries and cultures. And if it happens while the wind blows and the boat glides over the water… its perfect!

Man at the helm


Rui is a civil engineer, a true fan of sailing. He loves traveling and meeting new people. He has been in the four corners of the globe… As soon as he feels the wind on his face, he is sure to smile.

Man at the helm


Luís has been sailing for more than 18 years, both for racing and leisure. He discovered that it was a good idea to create this business and help fulfill the dreams of all who aspire to live unforgettable experiences.


Joana is passionate about the sea and the preservation of the environment. She has been practicing sailing for more than 20 years and has left her job, in a factory, to live her dream. Take all Lisbon visitors, who loves sailing or are just curious, to get to know it in a sustainable way and from a unique perspective.

Man at the helm


Antonio knows better than anyone the tides and the secrets of the Tagus. When the wind blows from the South nobody overtakes him. He has the coastal skipper license and is a certified diver. He has been practicing horse riding since he was a kid.

Man at the helm


Bruno has a Local Skipper license but his goal doesn’t stop there. “Combining the forces of nature with our skills so we can sail is amazing!”. As the sea and sailing have completed him since he was a child, he still has a lot to sail and people and places to discover. His background is in the field of optics and that’s why he feels very fortunate to see Lisbon from another point of view.

Our values

Carpe Diem

Enjoy every day, every moment. Help make other people’s day better.


Fulfil our promises in total alignment with the values of the brand. Focus on creating and delivering value ethically, socially and responsibly.


Working with professionalism, commitment, precision and objectivity.

Putting people first

Respect team members so that they put Customers first.


Join and share efforts, skills and experiences, with a view to achieving a common goal.


Pursue excellence in service. Innovate, continuously improve and exceed our Customers expectations.

Interesting facts

Besides our love for Lisbon, we love sailing and making new friends. Our team includes:

Two marketeers; a designer; an engineer; a history teacher; a geographer and the best Skippers of the Tagus.

Our commitment

Provide each of our clients with a unique experience of sailing and discovering Lisbon from a different perspective.

Luís Liz

Lisbon Sight Sailing CEO 

Meet us in person

Contact us and embark on an unforgettable experience.

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