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Inspiring Team Building Events

Lisbon, and the Tagus River in particular, are increasingly sought after for this type of event. These are truly inspiring and unforgettable experiences, which magnificently result in the strengthening of team spirit. This time, it was with the Trumpf team that, for the second time, they opted for Lisbon Sight Sailing again. Thank you very much for the trust!

Couple having fun at the helm on the boat

A successful formula for team spirit

Team building event. A success formula, which we repeat with great pleasure, is an inspiration to those who come on board!

On the 27th of July, we got to sail in the Tagus, in a comfortable classic sailboat, with friendly team willing to drive the boat. Engineers, managers and administrators, all of them were on board and sailed together through the waters that bathe our wonderful city of Lisbon. On board was music and a tasting accompanied by Portuguese wines, prepared especially for the occasion.

This time it was a Team Building event provided by a german company – Trumpf. This company recognized the value of our team building events and adapted the formula. Last year, this very same company had the opportunity to give the company’s staff a ride on a 15-meter sailboat. Now the boat we used was also a sailboat, with capacity for 35 people and about 24 meters long.

In the end, they were memories and unique moments, immortalized by our photographer.

More and more are searching for such an experience

It should be noted that this type of event on the Tagus River in Lisbon is becoming more common. On the one hand, due to the recognized importance that the team spirit represents in the performance of organizations. On the other hand, by the search for differentiation in the concretization of Team building events. And this is certainly what happens in the activities we develop for companies: we provide truly personalized and unforgettable experiences.

The number of companies requesting our services has grown steadily from year to year. We expect that in 2019 we will reach 50 companies and share with their teams our secrets! We leave the door open so that you feel confident to contact us and share your wishes and desires.

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