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Ribeira das Naus

It was the most important of the Portuguese shipyards

It is a unique balcony over the Tagus, in a contemporary and attractive public space, a real river beach in the center of the city.

Ribeira das Naus seen from the Tagus River

Ribeira das Naus, located in the historic center of Lisbon, is one of the main tourist attractions in the city due to its privileged location and rich history.

The origin of the name “Ribeira das Naus” comes from the period when the place was used as a shipyard where ships, or naus, were built and maintained. Currently, Ribeira das Naus is a popular place for walks along the Tagus River, where visitors can admire the beautiful scenery of the city and river.

A perspective of the remodeled Ribeira das Naus with people walking
A great place for a walk

In Ribeira das Naus, many of the ships that participated both in the Portuguese Discoveries and in the commercial routes later developed were produced. It was the largest naval shipyard in the Portuguese Empire and served as a model for the others that were established overseas.

The river beach at Ribeira das Naus
The river beach at Ribeira das Naus

Ribeira da Naus is one of the most interesting spaces in the Portuguese capital. Recently rehabilitated, the old shipyard is now a surprising river beach – where bathing is prohibited -, with a large garden space and a considerable staircase that extends towards the river.

People resting on the grass and enjoying Ribeira das Naus
Resting and enjoying

Esta área que liga a Praça do Comércio ao Cais do Sodré, convida a longos banhos de sol, a apreciar as vistas para o rio e ao descanso de todas as pernas cansadas de passear pela cidade. Além disso, a Ribeira das Naus tem um quiosque e uma esplanada relaxar e aproveitar ao máximo a luz de Lisboa.

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