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We’re back 😊

After the period of confinement caused by the pandemic, we came back eager to resume what we love to do so much. We’re back 😊. Well prepared and missed a lot… Find out what we did to continue to promote safe and healthy activities.

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Well prepared and missing you so much…

After the lockdown period that affected us all, we came back full of strength and will to resume what we love to do so much: provide unforgettable memories to those who choose to live with us nautical experiences.

What have we done

During this “pandemic storm” that seemed endless, we took the opportunity to adjust, adapt and evolve our way of acting. Suddenly the world changed. And we had to set new directions, adjusting the sails to continue the journey with pleasure and safety.

Some of the measures we have taken, always focused on our customers, are presented below:

  • We canceled or postponed the reservations we had. No questions, no complications. We were praised for that. You can read a testimonial here.
  • We adopted the security measures suggested by the responsible public entity (Direção Geral de Saúde).
  • We attended training sessions, promoted by the Tourism Schools of Portugal, related to the new procedures.
  • We have developed an internal protocol regarding the measures to be adopted in our activities.
  • We received the Clean & Safe certification from “Turismo de Portugal”.
  • We have updated the available fleet, allowing a greater diversity of options.

We offer safe and healthy activities

É verdade. As atividades que promovemos são mesmo seguras. O conceito “small is beatiful” evoluiu para “small is safe”:-) . Em seguida, veja abaixo algumas evidências que comprovam a segurança das nossas experiências:

  • These activities allow isolation and snuggle in the open air.
  • They are fully integrated with nature, where we rely on the sun (and UV rays) as an important natural “disinfectant” and source of vitamin D.
  • They are always practiced in exclusive groups, which means , without gatherings of people or contact with strangers.
  • We respect the internal protocol, developed within the scope of the Clean & Safe certification.
  • A tripulação encontra-se formada e preparada à luz deste novo contexto, cumprindo as normas sanitárias que integram os novos procedimentos a bordo.
  • Os barcos são limpos cumprindo o Plano de Higienização estabelecido.
  • We have personal protective equipment available for customers (optional) and crew.

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We’re back. And now? Shall we deal with the longing together?

We are waiting for you. We want to continue to provide you with truly unique and unforgettable experiences. Embark with us.

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