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The best bachelorette parties in Lisbon

We all know that this is a unique moment. A day intended to be different and memorable. And that’s what happens, in a relaxed way, very fun and where glamor is always included.

Dancing with sun, sea and lots of fun

They are charming, discreet and unforgettable

We are referring to the best bachelorette parties in Lisbon. These are just a few comments we hear or read about the parties we host. Others will say that they are personalized, unique and unforgettable parties. For sure, one of the best things to do in Lisbon during a hen party. Without false modesty, these compliments makes us very happy and proud.

We have been providing this kind of experience for some years now. Thus, we have had the opportunity to develop these memorable hen parties with clients of different nationalities. From Portuguese, Spanish, French, Luxemburgish, English, Irish, Dutch, Norwegian to the most distant North American and Australian.

This reflects that many people have already had the opportunity to live an absolutely memorable experience. And it also means that we still need to meet guests from many other regions of the globe!

Three girls having fun on a catamaran
The Bride and the Bridesmaids

But, above all, it represents the effort and care we have in customizing the nautical experiences we provide. This type of situation, with clients of different nationalities, requires additional adaptations and care depending on the different realities, cultures and preferences that we face. It is a pleasure for us to learn and get acquainted with people from different geographies and contexts.

The ideal number of guests

The group size, it varies. So far, the smallest that we accomodated on board was of four guests and the largest of 32. Despite this, most hen boat parties have between 10 and 16 guests.

But, the ideal number, is the sum of the friends that the bride wants to have close to her on that day!

How we design our best selling product – The Bachelorette Parties in Lisbon

Tudo começa com um e-mail. Ou com o preenchimento de um formulário no site. Ou com um telefonema. Normalmente, de alguma amiga ou familiar da noiva que assumiu a responsabilidade de organizar um momento divertido, charmoso e com glamour. As principais informações são-nos disponibilizadas de forma simples: data, número de convidadas e duração pretendida.

The bride and her friends
The bride and her friends

Normalmente fazemos um conjunto de perguntas adicionais. Procuramos compreender as reais expectativas e desejos dos nossos clientes. E acrescentamos valor com esclarecimentos e sugestões. Na verdade, nem sempre têm consciência do conforto que os barcos proporcionam e das diferentes opções disponíveis. E isso também acontece no planeamento das festas de despedida de solteira!

Thus, the time of day (from morning, afternoon, sunset or night), the time of the year (the bachelorette parties in Lisbon, take place during the 12 months), the party’s duration (to define the course and activities to be carried out) and the size of the group will determine the best sailboat option (monohull or catamaran) to be presented to you

People on a sailboat contemplating Commerce Square
Discovering the beauties of Lisbon

Also the menu can be adjusted to the preferences of each group. Any food intolerances can be managed. For simplicity, we have available menu options that are suggested depending on the profile of the group and the party characteristics.

After all set and agreed, you will have to wait for the great day to arrive, with the perspective of an amazing hen boat party!

The bachelorette party’s day

We all know that this is a unique moment. A day to be different and memorable. And that’s what happens on board, in a relaxed and fun way.

Group of girls in bathing suits on a catamaran in Lisbon
Party is party!

Everything that was imagined begins to happen: music in the air, canapes to savor and drinks to go with. The first photographs venture out … And the boat quietly begins to sail.

In the air a fun and joyful atmosphere. And for us this is not a surprise… A private hen party, with the right guests, in an idilic setting, with all the comfort, laughter and relaxation… What else could you ask for? Plus, sunbathing will make you relax evenmore. And the sea dives will balance the mood and help you to refresh. Let the fun continue!

A choreography in the water
A successful and photogenic choreography

Let’s face it, it’s hard to have stress with so many good things … And it’s impossible to forget a day like this!

Sometimes there are still some good surprises. But as “what happens in the Tagus, stays in the Tagus” we can not reveal these secrets here ;-). The truth is that while our hen boat parties are always different, fun and glamor are always included.

Our hen parties are different

That is a fact. Our experience and customer’s feedback give us confidence to support this claim.

A atenção aos detalhes, o foco na personalização, na qualidade e na satisfação das expectativas dos nossos clientes têm sido determinantes nos prémios que temos conquistado. Para além do reconhecimento por parte do TripAdvisor (desde 2016 que recebemos consecutivamente o Certificado de Excelência), também em 2019, 2020 e 2022 fomos distinguidos com o Hospitality Award e classificados como a melhor empresa de Charter em Lisboa.

A mermaid and eight sailors
A mermaid and eight sailors

On the other hand, another concern of ours during all events is its ecological footprint. Therefore we have developed several initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of our events. A good example is everytime we have requests to decorate the boat with colorful air balloons or just some ballons to be released during the tour, we will present alternatives. As we all know, the probability of these balloons ending up in the river or the ocean, harming sea life is very high and plastic in the oceans is one of the major problems. So please, count on us to present you other proposals that will differentiate your event in an eco-friendly way.

How much does a hen boat party costs?

Because almost everything in life has a price, our hen parties are also rated according to several criterias. As we saw earlier, the duration of the party, the number of guests, the menu on board and other extras that may be included will influence the final value.

But our wish is to state that our bachelorette parties are truly priceless!

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So, now you know. If you want to organize a bachelorette party in a boat, in Lisbon… just reach us.

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