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The City of Light

Where does Lisbon's light come from?

Poets, painters, inhabitants and visitors in general are enchanted with the light of Lisbon. They feel it, talk about it, photograph it, paint it, at different times of the day and in many different locations.

Tagus river during sunset

The explanation is simple

The city, being near the Atlantic, is often hit in the evening by the North wind, which cleans air pollution and clears the air. Then, the Tagus River acting like a giant mirror, reflects an immense amount of light over the city. It is scientifically noted that Lisbon has many sunny days. That is, during the last decade the anual average was 269 days of clear skies. Lisbon presents rates of sunshine greater than 3000 hours/year.

When and where can you best admire the city’s light?

Some prefer the late afternoon and the tapered horizon of certain streets. They walk from the hills of the city towards the Tagus, which can be seen in the background. Nevertheless,, some say that the magic is felt more at sunrise and many think that the best way to enjoy the light of Lisbon is from the other side of the river at sunset, in a riverside terrace.

But, everyone agrees that, the city shines even brighter when seen from the river, at sunset…

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