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European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

Founded in 2002, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) has the slogan “quality shipping, safer seas, cleaner oceans”.

EMSA photographed during a boat tour on the Tagus River

A EMSA está em Portugal há cerca de 20 anos, localizada atualmente na zona do Cais do Sodré e emprega mais de 270 funcionários em toda a Europa. Ambos os edifícios (vermelho e branco) constituem parte desta organização. O edifício de menores dimensões está equipado com um excelente auditório e várias outras salas, dirigido especialmente para a realização de conferências e reuniões.

The EU agency provides technical and operational assistance to improve maritime safety and prevent and combat pollution.

This institution disseminates reliable, real-time information about what is happening at sea. In this way, it helps governments and competent authorities to effectively implement maritime policy measures. To this end, it offers maritime services appropriate to the needs of European users, such as:

  • Notification about the ships;
  • Earth observations;
  • Fighting pollution;
  • Information on integrated maritime;
  • Port state control.

The European Maritime Safety Agency plays a key role in promoting best practices. “Its experience in the field of safety issues, both from a legal and operational point of view, means that it has extensive knowledge of many current problems and circumstances.”

Quem são os beneficiários destes serviços?

In summary, the main beneficiaries are:

  • The European institutions;
  • The national maritime administrations of EU countries;
  • EFTA coastal maritime administrations.

At international level, the beneficiaries are the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the countries bordering the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea under the European Neighborhood Policy.

Vista aérea dos dois edifícios da EMSA

Although it’s not a building that enchants us at first glance, its structure can stimulate our thoughts and imagination. That is, if we look closely, the shape of the building gives us the idea that it was designed in the shape of a boat. Was it a coincidence? Tell us your guess during your boat trip. You can see this building and much more!

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