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Champalimaud Foundation

At the forefront of science

Discover one of the most futuristic and impressive buildings in Lisbon. Facing the river, it takes on the contours of the Research Center for the Unknown.

Champalimaud Foundation seen from the Tagus River

This foundation, also known as the Research Center for the Unknown, was created by António Champalimaud (1918-2004) in his will and is primarily dedicated to the development of advanced biomedical research programs and the provision of interdisciplinary clinical care.

Here research is carried out in cutting-edge areas and the priority is to encourage discoveries that benefit people, as well as to sponsor new standards of knowledge. Its activity is carried out in the areas of neuroscience and cancer, through research programs and the provision of excellent clinical services, also carrying out, out of doors, a program to fight blindness.

The building of the Research Center for the Unknown

Its building is as innovative and relevant as the biomedical research that takes place inside. It is a project by the Goan architect Charles Correa who sought to elevate architecture to sculpture; sculpture is beauty; and beauty therapy – in order to honor the Centre’s activities. The building houses state-of-the-art laboratories, conference rooms and patient care facilities. It opened on October 5, 2010.

State-of-the-art equipment
State-of-the-art equipment and technology are used

Implanta-se num terreno de 65 mil metros quadrados localizados na zona ribeirinha. É um local privilegiado junto à margem do rio Tejo, próximo da Padrão dos Descobrimentos, e simbólico por ser de onde os navegadores portugueses partiram há cinco séculos rumo ao “desconhecido”.

Glass bridge connecting the two buildings
Bridge that connects the two buildings

The ensemble includes two main blocks: the research center / cancer treatment center, and the auditorium (connected by an elevated walkway). It also has gardens, an outdoor amphitheater and a restaurant with a magnificent terrace.

Some curiosities of the Champalimaud Foundation

The Champalimaud Foundation is known for being an institution of excellence in scientific research. Its researchers have already published more than 1,200 scientific articles and have received several awards and distinctions, including the Champalimaud Prize for Medical Research, which is one of the highest awards in Europe in the field of medicine.

Champalimaud Foundation seen from the Tagus River
Champalimaud Foundation seen from the Tagus River

Another curiosity of the Champalimaud Foundation is its research grants programme, which offers opportunities for researchers from all over the world to develop innovative research projects in the field of neurosciences and oncology. In addition, the Foundation also offers training programs for physicians and other health professionals, as well as science outreach programs for the general public.

The best place to work

Buildings illuminated at dusk
A single architecture

According to the American magazine The Scientist, which carried out a survey of more than 1,500 postdoctoral researchers, the Champalimaud Foundation ranked first, in 2012, in the list of the best places to work, inside or outside the United States.

It is also an excellent place to visit.

Sem qualquer dúvida, este é um local a visitar. Seja para assistir a uma conferência, passear pelos jardins, deliciar-se com uma refeição no Darwin’s Café ou desfrutar tranquilamente da luz única de Lisboa. Por fim, terminar o dia a ver o pôr do sol enquanto contempla o rio Tejo e o farol do Bugio nas águas do Oceano Atlântico.

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